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What are the characteristics of ribbon in different industries?

2021-06-03 02:07:59

Ribbon is made of various kinds of yarn into narrow ribbon or tubular ribbon. There are many kinds of ribbon textile. In the 1930s, ribbon factories were all manual workshops, and the raw materials were cotton thread and hemp thread. Dongguan Yiming ribbon Co., Ltd. - paper ribbon rope, Dongguan paper ribbon rope, paper ribbon rope manufacturers and you are introduced in detail as follows:

After the founding of the people's Republic of China, the raw materials for ribbon gradually developed to nylon, vinylon, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, viscose, etc., forming three kinds of Technology: weaving, knitting and knitting. The structure of ribbon includes plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, jacquard, double-layer, multi-layer, tubular and combined weave.


Outdoor products refer to some equipment that need to be configured when participating in various adventure tourism and outdoor activities. These equipment include: tent, backpack, sleeping bag, damp proof mat or air cushion, climbing rope, rock nail, safety belt, lifter, downer, iron lock, rope cover, ice pick, rock hammer, ice claw, snowstick, helmet, snowboard, mountain eye, down jacket, windproof jacket, woolen jacket, gloves, alpine boots, cold proof hat, ice cone, Snow Cone, cooking utensils, stove Multifunctional kettle, straw or water purifying cup, compass, telescope, contour map or other information, waterproof lamps, knives, etc. The choice of outdoor equipment depends on personal economic conditions and specific outdoor activities. We must pay attention to ensure the safety of activities. We can't buy inferior outdoor products blindly for the sake of cheapness. In outdoor products, the ribbon is mainly used for mountaineering and camping safety belt, mountaineering backpack belt, tent, personal protective equipment, etc.

Pet supplies include dog accessories; Cat accessories; Cat and dog cleaning products; Other small animal accessories; Amphibians, insects such as ants and Coleoptera, arachnids such as scorpions, spiders, reptile products; Caged birds, birds, wild birds and other supplies; Fresh or salt water ornamental fish products; Gifts and souvenirs for pets and their owners. In the pet products industry, ribbon is mainly used for pet traction belt, pet collar, PET strap and other products.

Physical fitness, focusing on physical exercise as the main means, focuses on students' physical growth and development and physical development. Through the selection and learning of fitness items and sports items, it can cultivate students' hobbies and sports expertise, obtain scientific fitness methods, develop civilized and healthy lifestyle, and have the ability to adapt to physical fitness in different environments. In the sports fitness industry, ribbon is mainly used in sports bags, fitness equipment, children's traction rope and other products.

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