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Whats the market trend of ribbon industry?

2021-06-03 02:01:56

At present, the market development and production speed of the ribbon industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The market cycle of new ribbon products (corn fiber ribbon, bamboo fiber ribbon, r-PET ribbon, organic cotton ribbon, jacquard ribbon, all kinds of fiber ribbon, fiber ribbon) is constantly compressed and the market speed is constantly accelerating, As well as the clothing industry and trademark printing industry on the ribbon industry requirements continue to improve; As a result, the unit price of conventional ribbon (cotton ribbon, polyester ribbon) is close to the cost, and the profit of ribbon manufacturers is smaller and smaller, so the positioning of ribbon should be put on the functionalization.

Paper needle through paper rope

Different materials, for example: nylon yarn in nylon ribbon is also called nylon yarn. Nylon ribbon is mainly made of nylon glossy yarn, nylon profiled glossy yarn, nylon high elastic yarn, nylon semi dull yarn and other materials through ribbon weaving; The material in the belt is made of 100% pure cotton yarn; The material of polyester ribbon is made of polyester long fiber and polyester staple fiber, and different patterns can be divided into plain, herringbone, jacquard, satin, rib, check, jump point, intermediate, etc.

Finally, Dongguan Yimin ribbon Co., Ltd. - paper needle rope, Dongguan paper needle rope, paper needle rope manufacturers and everyone summarize: each kind of ribbon has its own use, and most of our pure cotton ribbon is used in trademark printing, and the environmentally-friendly pure cotton trademark ribbon used in clothing will not stimulate our skin, From the details to protect our skin, but also do not have to worry about micro injury; Thus the pure cotton trademark ribbon is favored by the majority of Clothing Co., Ltd.

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