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Dongguan Ribbon Factory teaches you how to choose ribbon?

2021-06-03 09:20:46

There are many kinds of ribbon, widely used in clothing, shoes, bags, industry, agriculture, military supplies, transportation and other industries. Dongguan Yiming ribbon Co., Ltd. can choose the ribbon according to the specific use of different materials or according to the knitting method.

Next, let's take a look at the types of ribbons with Dongguan Yimin ribbon Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of paper ribbon rope, Dongguan paper ribbon rope and paper ribbon rope

1、 Nylon ribbon

Nylon ribbon is produced with imported nylon yarn and environmental dyes, advanced dyeing and finishing equipment and process. It has bright color, good wear resistance, soft handle, strong tension and good gloss. Nylon ribbon is durable in use and can last for ten years. Various weaving methods can also be developed according to the demand, such as plain, herringbone, twill, twill hem, hollow belt (hollow belt), fine pit pattern, etc. Widely used in handbags, leather goods, bags, hanging belts, outdoor products, baby carriages and other products.

Paper ribbon rope manufacturer

2、 Nylon jacquard

Nylon jacquard ribbon is a kind of high-grade ribbon, which adopts fashionable and fashionable Ribbon technology. Jacquard can be single-sided jacquard and double-sided jacquard. After jacquard, the appearance of ribbon is three-dimensional and exquisite. Jacquard pattern is durable and never deformed. Nylon jacquard ribbon is mainly used in high-end brand products such as bags, leather goods, bags, pet belts and belts.

3、 Polyester ribbon

It is characterized by both the style of cesium fiber and the strength of cotton fabric, good elasticity and wear resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage, straight, not easy to fold, easy to wash and fast dry. It is mainly used in women's clothing, trouser belts, belts, cotton bags and other products.

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