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How to identify high quality ribbon?

2021-06-02 06:00:44

Long time contact with the ribbon, a long time, more experience, depending on the feeling can feel the quality of the ribbon, this method of looking at the ribbon is wrong, how to identify high-quality ribbon is correct? Let's have a look with the small knitting of Dongguan Yimin ribbon Co., Ltd

First of all, to see whether the texture of the ribbon is wrong, whether the size of the pattern text is correct. Whether the effect of each picture and text is the same as the original or the original, it means that the ribbon is well woven, because it can meet the needs of customers from the picture and text.

Secondly, look at the ribbon color, color is generally the choice of color system. In this case, the color control is based on the original color code. There is no special explanation for this point. We can only rely on sensory judgment. However, for normal color matching, there will be professional color matching lights. For clothing, D65 light is commonly used.


Look at the handle of the ribbon again, the handle of the ribbon is an important content used to identify the quality of the ribbon. Specifically speaking, the psychological reaction of the feeling of touching the ribbon by hand, due to the different varieties of ribbon, the quality also varies, and the handle effect of the ribbon is also quite different. The handle has the following aspects: 1; 2. Smooth and rough surface of the ribbon; 3. The softness and hardness of the ribbon; 4. The thickness and thickness of the ribbon; 5. Whether the surface of the ribbon is smooth and whether the locking edge is beautiful; 6. Whether the whole ribbon is straight without bending.

There are Dongguan Yimin ribbon Co., Ltd. - paper needle paper rope, Dongguan paper paper rope, paper needle paper rope manufacturers remind you to test the environmental protection degree of ribbon, generally different materials of ribbon environmental protection requirements are not the same, we need to follow the needs of customers to the designated testing agency to test environmental protection standards from time to time!

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