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Analysis of dyeing process of Taenia ribbon

2021-06-02 05:41:40

In fact, at this time, the dyeing machine plays a particularly important role. Today, Dongguan Yimin ribbon Co., Ltd. - environmental protection paper rope, Dongguan environmental protection paper rope, environmental protection paper rope manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction of the whole dyeing process.

The dyeing process of polyester ribbon is as follows: enter the conveyor belt, before cleaning, before drying, dyeing vat, pre baking (infrared) - high temperature baking - washing (reduction cleaning) - after drying - tear off the tape. Among them, the function of infrared pre baking is to make the dye molecules adhere to the fiber to prevent colored flowers and other problems. The function of high temperature baking is to make dye molecules enter the fiber completely and complete the dyeing process. The function of reducing cleaning is to decompose the redundant dye molecules to ensure the color fastness of the product.

Polyester ribbon process: belt feeding, color box steaming, hot steaming, washing, drying, dripping. The function of steaming is to make the acid dye molecules fully react with the corresponding functional groups in the fiber, so as to complete the process of dyeing the fiber with acid dyes. The function of water washing is to remove the dye molecules that have not been fully reacted and ensure the color fastness of the product.


The thickness of the folded chain is about 10 nm and the length of the polyester substrate is 1.075 nm. Therefore, it can be considered that the thickness of platelets is equal to the length of a single base of 9 polyester molecules. However, the length of polyester macromolecular chain is about 1.075 * 130 (average degree of polymerization) = 140 nm, which indicates that polyester layered macromolecular chain must adopt folded chain structure. Since the chain is more flexible and easy to bend, folding may occur on the - CH2 - CH2 - segment.

In addition, the macromolecules of polyester ribbon can also form linear crystals (fibrillated crystals). It can be seen that there are both crystal of folded chain and crystal of raw fiber in polyester belt. The ratio of the two crystals varies with the drawing ratio and heat setting conditions.

The morphological structure of PET produced by melt spinning was observed under the microscope, which had circular cross section and no special longitudinal structure. Filamentous fibrils were observed under electron microscope.

Profiled fiber can change the elasticity of the fiber, make the fiber have special luster and fluffy, improve the bonding performance and covering ability of the fiber, and have the function of anti pilling and reducing static electricity. For example, triangular fibers have a flashing effect; The five leaf fiber has the luster similar to fat, good handle and anti pilling property; Hollow fiber has cavity, low density and good heat insulation.

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