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How to prevent the ribbon from getting damp?

2021-06-02 05:28:05

  1. When the wet weather comes, we must close every window of the warehouse, especially the window facing south. We can't let the humidity sneak in.

2. It must be prevention first. Often let the ribbon factory ventilation, when there is sun, let the sun, is better.


3. We can also use some scientific and technological means, that is, the use of dehumidification appliances to reduce indoor air humidity. Generally, some air conditioners also have dehumidification function. Generally, the effect of this method is relatively slow, unable to play an immediate dehumidification effect.

4. That is to hang some desiccant in the ribbon warehouse. You can go to the supermarket to buy desiccant specially used for moisture-proof and dehumidification.

5. That's to buy a moisture-proof cabinet for the ribbon. It's safe to put it in. However, the general cost is relatively high, and there is no need for small ribbon factories to use this method.

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